Succession Planning

Not having a proper succession planning can create a lot of complications especially for a family owned business. In order for a business to run smoothly and cope with unexpected circumstances it needs to have a well-structured plan that will keep the interests of the business intact. A good plan could consist of a number of things such as options relating to the transfer of management or ownership, wealth preservation for business continuity, transition plans and time frames for minimizing any disruption and also the degree of involvement by the successor.

Succession Planning1

In a family owned business it is important to outline how the business will be managed in the absence of the former owner and when the successor takes charge. The succession plan needs to determine how the equity will be transferred and how issues can be resolved between family members when they arise.

Our Brisbane Experts can help a family owned business protect its interest by carefully structuring a succession plan for the owner so that the business does not have to suffer in case there is a disagreement on things.

It takes a lot to make a business successful and very little to damage it. Make sure you have the proper succession plan to avoid any unforeseen dangers that might come up later.

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