Tax Planning & Consulting

Taxation is a complicated issue that most of the businesses struggle with. Although most of the businesses have a certain tax structure in place they fail to comply and manage tax obligations because of which they face unnecessary penalties and additional costs. Tax laws keep changing from time to time and it is important that a business track of the changes so that no compliance issues pop up unexpectedly.

Super Accountants Brisbane can provide excellent tax consulting services to small and mid-size businesses as well as individuals in the Brisbane area to help them save money and avoid any tax trouble because of non-compliance. We can help them with preparation of income tax returns, reviewing Business Activity Statement (BAS) & Installment Activity Statement (IAS) and assist them with the audits conducted by the Australian taxation office.

Tax Planning1

Being in this business for over a decade our experienced staff members understand that tax solutions for every business or individual should be looked at differently. Depending on your goals and financial commitments, Super Accountants Brisbane is able to tailor its solution to make taxation easy and efficient for you.

Tax Consulting Services that we offer include:

  • Investment Advice With Tax Effectiveness
  • Help in Solving Complex Taxation Problems
  • Tax Consultancy For Corporate Business
  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
  • Appropriate Tax Structures
  • Advice Around Tax Consolidations
  • Corporate Businesses Reconstructing
  • Advice Around Mergers And Acquisitions

Employment Tax is another important aspect that businesses need to sort out so that they don’t end paying too much or too little. There are always new concessions and exemptions that are introduced on a regular basis and it is hard for a business to keep track of them. That is why Super Accountants Brisbane provides unique employment tax solutions that ensure that you are always a step ahead.

We can help you with the following employment tax solutions.

  • Preparing and Reviewing Benefits
  • Payroll Tax Returns
  • Tax Policies and Procedures for Businesses
  • Provide Advice gor Implications of Businesses
  • Health Checks to Review and Identify Tax Savings
  • Effective Remuneration Structuring For Employees
  • Advice Around Superannuation Taxation
  • Tax Advice for Employees Share Development and Structuring

Indirect Tax Implications on business operations and property transactions should also be paid attention to by businesses. We provide professional assistance to businesses so they can better manage compliance issues with any indirect taxes they come across. Some of them include:

  • GST Planning
  • Payroll taxes
  • Land taxes
  • Fuel Taxes
  • Rebates
  • State and Territory Stamp Duties

International Tax Solutions: We also help businesses that have presence in other foreign countries or are looking to establish themselves in Australia. This could be in a wide range of things such as

  • Business Acquisitions
  • Business Disposals
  • Business Structuring & Restructuring
  • Permanent establishments
  • Financing With Tax Effectiveness
  • Double Taxation Agreements
  • Foreign Investment Funds
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Residency
  • Transfer Trusts
  • Foreign income tax offsets
  • Withholding Tax

No matter what the tax issue that you need assistance with, Super Accountants Brisbane can help you with it. We come with years of experience and some of the best resources and hand when it comes to tax management. Call us today to find out more.